Integrations / Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C

This guide describes the common steps for setting up Algolia for a headless Salesforce B2C Commerce storefront.

Install the Algolia cartridge

The Algolia cartridge contains four sub-cartridges that work together to fit in various uses cases.

Headless architectures use the server-side cartridges:

  • int_algolia. Handles importing product information from Salesforce B2C Commerce to Algolia
  • bm_algolia. Configure and monitor Algolia indexing from your Business Manager

To install the cartridges, see Set up the Algolia cartridge.

Index your catalogs

To index your catalogs, see Start indexing your data.

After running the indexing jobs, go to the Algolia dashboard to check that catalogs are properly indexed.

Integrate Algolia into your frontend

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