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With the Algolia cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce, you can index content, including content assets and Page Designer components.


  • Content Types: you can index these types of Salesforce B2C Commerce content: Content Assets and Page Designer Pages.

  • Splitting: before indexing your content, Algolia splits your content into smaller chunks. For more details, see Splitting.

  • Monitoring: you can monitor the status of your content indexing jobs with the Algolia BM Module. For more details, see Monitoring.

Content indexing jobs


This job performs full content indexing. It has two steps: SFCCContentSearchIndex and algoliaContentIndex. It extracts Salesforce B2C content data and sends it for indexing to Algolia.

For more details, see Configuration.


Because content can be lengthy and Algolia records have a size limit, Algolia splits your content into smaller chunks before indexing.

Splitting for content assets

First, Algolia can split your content assets on HTML tags. This step is optional. You can configure a splittingTag HTML tag as a job-level parameter. For example, if you set the splittingTag to h1, the job will generate at least one record per <h1> section. If one of the section is too big, it will be split even more (see below).

Record size splitting

With the second layer of splitting, the content job’s indexing logic ensures that each record will be within the record size limit. The maximum record size can be defined at the code level by adjusting DEFAULT_MAX_RECORD_BYTES. The default value is 10,000 bytes.

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