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A full catalog index exports all your B2C Product objects with all their configured attributes. For more information, see Indexing attributes.

The two use cases for full catalog index updates are:

In both cases, use the AlgoliaProductIndex_v2 job for indexing product, price and inventory data, and the AlgoliaCategoryIndex_v2 job for indexing category data.

For an overview of the Algolia B2C jobs, see Indexing Overview.

Initial indexing and reindexing

Indexing products with AlgoliaProductIndex_v2

This job performs a full catalog index.

You can use it for initial product indexing or for periodically reindexing your entire catalog.

Which objects are included: All B2C Product objects assigned to the configured site and their related price and inventory data.

Job configuration

You can find the Job configuration in the Job Steps tab.


Change the scope to Specific Sites and select all the sites you’d like to run the job for.

algoliaProductIndex job step parameters
  • attributeListOverride (comma-separated values, empty by default): if set, only this list of properties is exported by the job, otherwise the base attributes and the values from the Additional Product Attributes site preference are used.
  • indexingMethod:
    • fullCatalogReindex: reindex all products and remove stale records.
    • partialRecordUpdate: only the specified attributes are updated or added for each record without affecting other attributes. If the record doesn’t exist, a new one is created.
    • fullRecordUpdate: replace the entire record or create new records in the index with the specified data without removing stale or deleted records.
  • failureThresholdPercentage (integer, default: 0): the maximum percentage of records allowed to have errors during indexing. For example, if the threshold is 10%, the indexing job fails if more than 10% of your records have an error during indexing. If indexingMethod is fullCatalogReindex, the temporary index isn’t moved to production if the failure rate exceeds this threshold. For other methods, successfully imported records successfully are kept in the Algolia indices.
  • localesForIndexing (comma-separated values, empty by default): if set, only this list of locales are indexed, otherwise the job uses the value of the LocalesForIndexing custom preference.

By default (with its indexingMethod parameter set to fullCatalogReindex), this job performs an atomic reindex (also called a zero-downtime reindex). This method indexes all your records to a temporary index, <INDEX_NAME>.tmp (keeping your previous index settings), and moves (renames) the temporary index to the final one on completion. This guarantees that your index is never empty and is the safest way to reindex all your product data.

Initial indexing of categories with AlgoliaCategoryIndex_v2

This job creates your category indices.

The category index stores your category structure. Use it for initial category indexing or for periodically reindexing all your categories.

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