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Integrations / Shopify

Some upgrades require migrations on your shop.

Reindexing migration

Algolia’s reindexing process brings significant performance improvements and increased reliability.

InstantSearch v4 migration

Read the InstantSearch version 1 to version 4 migration guide.

Collection search page migration

Read about how version 1.57.0 improves the Collection page feature:

  • Improved indexing stability
  • Preparation for upcoming collection customizations and merchandising

The migration doesn’t apply to you if you installed the Algolia Search and Discovery app after July 30, 2019.

Third-party libraries migration

The Algolia Search and Discovery app used to rely on the jsDelivr CDN to host the third-party libraries that it needs.

To guarantee a better quality of service, version 1.49.0 of the integration introduced a migration of all these assets from jsDelivr to Shopify.

If you installed the Algolia Search and Discovery app after November 8, 2018, your assets are managed by the Shopify CDN and you don’t have to do anything.

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