01 Jun 2018

Get Started With Algolia

What Is Algolia?

Before diving into implementing Algolia, we recommend reading over our “What Is Algolia?” article to gain a better understanding of how Algolia approaches relevancy and performance.

Implementing Algolia

Implementing Algolia can be broken down into a simple 3-step process:

  • index your data with us
  • configure any necessary relevance or ranking settings
  • build a search user interface.

You can find more comprehensive information in our “Implementation Process” guide.

Integrating Algolia

The final step is reviewing the libraries and extensions at your disposal for helping you build an Algolia search experience. Reading our “Ecosystem Overview” article will give you a better understanding of your options.

What’s Next

After gaining a better overall understanding of Algolia, you might be interested in furthering your knowledge in one of these areas: