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AI Synonyms

Algolia’s AI analyzes search queries that users often change after typing to suggest synonyms. With synonyms, you can let users search using the words they’re most familiar with.

Algolia’s AI Synonyms tool looks for patterns in how customers search to find likely candidates for synonym pairs. When it finds pairs they will appear in a list for you to review before they are activated. Until you approve a new synonym pair AI Synonyms will have no impact on the customer experience.
Not all the synonym ideas will be right so you should schedule a little time to review them every few weeks.

When you accept a new synonym pair, by default it will be a two way pair, for example

Bag <> Holdall

So a search for “bag” will return results for “holdall” and vice versa. In this example It seems reasonable for "holldalls" to appear when the customer searches for a bag but if a customer searches for “holdall” and other bags appear that’s not so good. 

In cases like this you can change the synonym to be one-way:

Bag >> Holdall

From the Merchandising Studio homepage:

  • Click the Merch tools link at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.
    Merch Tools Access
  • Continue to Step 2 of the tutorial below.

To enable Dynamic Synonym Suggestions (referred to as AI synonyms in the dashboard):

  1. Go to the AI synonyms section in the Algolia dashboard.
  2. Select the index for which you want to enable Dynamic Synonym Suggestions.
  3. Select Activate for this index.
    AI synonym
  4. Dynamic Synonym Suggestions are now activated. Once enough user data is collected, you can accept or reject the synonym suggestions shown on this page.
    AI synonym set up success