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Injecting Content between Products

How to set up content blocks or images between products on product listing and search results pages

Why should you do it? 

Injecting content like text blocks or images between products on a search results page or a product listing page allows you to highlight a promotion or a sale for a period of time. In addition, it serves as an opportunity to sell that space for potential sellers to highlight any promotions or events.

NOTE: This feature requires additional development work to be in place before being performed in the Dashboard. Check with your Development team.

  • Load dashboard section: Rules 
  • Select the correct index
  • Click on “New Rule” button and select “Manual Editor”
Manual Editor
  • In the Condition(s) section, keep Query toggled on, select Is/Contains/Starts with/Ends with in the dropdown, and enter a query that will trigger the consequence (e.g. “advert”) in the input field. This can also be used for a category ID to be used for a product listing page for example. 
Create Rule
  • In the Consequence(s) section, click the Add consequence button and select Return Custom Data.
Return Custom Data
  • In the input field that appears, add the data to return when the user query matches the Rule in the following format. In this example, we are displaying an image in position 6 of the results page
    • For example: 


                          "desktop_image": "",

                         "mobile_image": "",

                         "url": "occasions/gifting-ideas/florist",

                        "position": "6",

                        "promotion_id": "Floristry",

                        "promotion_name": "Floristry",

                       "creative_name": "Floristry",

                       "location_id": "Floristry",

                       "destination_url": "occasions/gifting-ideas/florist"


Custom Data
  • Optional: add rule description for clarity and define a timeframe for the promotional campaign.
  • Review the rule before saving