Product taxonomy and categorization

Define taxonomy and metadata to ensure scalability of the merchandising strategy implementation

Why should you do it?

Taxonomy, metadata and product categorization are important parts of setting up the right foundation to effectively achieve your goals and objectives. As you build your relevance and merchandising strategy, you will need to ensure that the foundation you are configuring today will be scalable and usable once you progress towards more advanced use-cases. 

Formatting and structuring data

In order to leverage the full capacity of Algolia’s advanced merchandising tools and ensure future scalability and flexibility of your Algolia solution implementation, there are a number of elements you should consider:

Data hygiene: formatting and structuring the data you send to Algolia is an important step of the initial setup. Please refer your engineering team to the Format and Structure your Data section in Algolia Docs

Configuring analytics tags: an important step to ensure effective representation of the data in the Analytics reports. Please refer to the Configuring Analytics Tags section in the Algolia Docs.

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