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Tailor user experience to improve business metrics by optimizing Search results page merchandising strategy

Why should you do it?

Search is a strong driver of sales and revenue. In most cases, the conversion rates shoot up on retail sites when visitors do a search. For large retailers and industry leaders this boost can reach up to 6x. Searchandising comes into play once your standard search configuration has been properly set up. It allows you to more precisely curate search results by promoting , boosting, and/or burying products for given search terms, and by layering rules specific to your business on top of basic relevance.

Searchandising with Rules 

Relevance Rules allow you to make precise and (if desired) temporary modifications to your search results. For example: 

  • Boost best sellers
  • Boost high inventory collections or products
  • Boost new collections, subcategory or products
  • Hide or bury out of stock products

The best practice is to monitor your search analytics to understand which searches are the most popular, then look at their CTR and conversion rates. Finally, reorder the results according to the data insight.

For example: 

When looking at search analytics, “dress” is the 10th most popular search term, but has a 0% conversion rate. A search results analysis for the search term “dress” shows that only one black cocktail dress is offered to the users. You can reorder the results and pin different types of dresses (casual, special occasion), to make search results more diverse and relevant.

When launching a new collection, you might redirect the user to a new landing page when their queries match the new collection (A query “fancy dress” will redirect the user to a landing page featuring a new collection of cocktail dresses). You can also create a banner (“New dresses collection”), using rules to catch the user's attention. Additionally, you may pin specific items from the new collection to the top of the search results page for the relevant queries, boost the new collection or temporarily hide or bury some of the older items and collections that compete with the new collection. Make sure your decisions are data-driven. If based on search analytics, a popular user query is “red dress”, you can pin the red dresses from your new collection as top results for this query.

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Searchandising with AI Re-ranking 

Applying AI Re-ranking to Search queries ensures the most relevant results for each user generated query will appear at the top, while the least relevant results are pushed to the bottom. Automating search results relevance helps you increase conversions and boost revenue from search. 

For example, when users search for “sneakers”, and specific products sell better than others, AI Re-ranking will reorder the search results and place the best selling items at the top of the page.

Searchandising with Personalization 

Personalization is a powerful tool in a digital merchandiser’s toolbox. It is designed to ensure that each user on your ecommerce platform will see the most relevant results for their unique preferences. If AI Re-ranking is using the wisdom of a crowd when organizing search results on the category page, Personalization leverages specific data collected on each user’s preferences and behavior on the site. 

For instance, if the majority of users searching for “sneakers” are more likely to make a purchase if “Nike” brand is boosted to the top, but a specific user shows a distinct preference for “Adidas” brand, this user’s personalized search results page will take this data into consideration and promote “adidas” brand specifically.

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