Query Categorization

Better relevance for every query

Query Categorization is a powerful feature that automatically associates a query with the appropriate category for better results.

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Query categorization for site search.

Optimize results with category prediction

Powered by a new machine learning model, Query Categorization will automatically associate a search query with the appropriate category in your catalog to deliver better, more relevant results for your customers.

Improve relevance

Customers will get better results using machine learning that automatically associates every query the the appropriate category in your catalog. 

Fast set up

Easy to set up, Query Categorization uses your catalog's facets and conversion events to build an AI model in minutes. 

Tailored experience

Search results and dynamic product listings are continuously and automatically boosted based on real time search trends and visitor behavior. 

Better results instantly

Near real-time search analytics monitoring dashboards.

Fast ROI

Better category prediction leads to more accurate results and better outcomes your customers. Early users of Query Categorization have seen immediate improvements such as a 22% conversion rate lift and 15% revenue boost. 

Leverage search data to inform your product and offering strategy.

New insights into performance

With grouped analytics, you can easily compare related queries to simplify search optimization analysis and help manage the long tail of search queries

Make no result searches a thing of the past.

Full transparency and control

In the dashboard, you can you see which queries are being associated with each category, and you'll have override capabilities to change, delete, or create new category associations. 

Search analytics help optimize for CTR and conversion.

Automatic filtering and boosting

Use Query Categorization by itself or in conjunction with the Algolia Merchandising Studio to automatically boost or bury results for any specific category. 

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