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Keywords & Vectors
Keywords & Vectors
Result 1Tea

Stainless Steel Thermos for Hot Beverages


Result 2

Accessories to keep tea hot: which ones to choose?

The tea thermos is one of the most used accessories...

Result 3Tea

2-in-1 matte sage ceramic warmer


Result 4Tea

Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser


LightbulbNeuralSearch understands SEARCH INTENT Even without keywords.

Search as you think

Everything you need to build AI-powered search at scale. NeuralSearch combines Algolia’s award-winning full-text keyword search engine with vector understanding into a single API.

Neural Hashing

Algolia NeuralSearch is built on a new type of AI engine that uses neural hashes to compress and drastically speed up each and every query. It's much faster to compute hashed similarity than standard vector similarities and returns results in milliseconds.

Combined Result

End-to-end AI

Neural hashing
Combined result
End-to-end AI

Natural language understanding

Your customers can type in just about anything to get great results thanks to natural language processing with universal language support.


Automatic vectorization

You don’t need to hire a full data science team. Best practices and models for content understanding are built into Algolia NeuralSearch.

Adaptive learning

AI adaptive learning

Results are re-ranked and improved automatically and continuously over time, so you have more time to spend on other parts of your business.

Query suggestions

Query suggestions

Provide human-like query suggestions to users with sophisticated machine learning models that work instantly to predict results.

Measurably better for business

Unmatched user experience

Amaze your customers with ideal results for each query they submit. AI-powered search combined with keywords means eliminating no-result pages and getting even more relevant results from across your catalog.

Grow revenue fast

Better results drive higher click-throughs and conversions, while reclaiming your time: no more guesswork, no time wasted in setting up language rules, synonyms, or esoteric ontologies.

Milliseconds matter

Keep customers on your site with blazing fast vector and keyword search in milliseconds.

Frasers Group shoup
frasers-group logo

We were thrilled to see above ~65 percent drop in zero search results and up to 17 percent uplift in conversion rates. These results, despite only sending a portion of our query traffic to Algolia NeuralSearch over a four-week period, exceeded our expectations.

Kyle Sanders

Head of Digital Optimization @ Frasers

Everlane illu
everlane logo

When we implemented Algolia NeuralSearch, the overall results have been amazing and have included a 9 percent increase in clickthrough rates and a 9 percent increase in the conversion rate. Our merchandisers are spending less time on manual tasks.

Rachel Maxwell

Digital Merch. Manager @ Everlane

More than 17,000 customers rely on Algolia

Algolia is fast to implement & manage

Build fast

  • Extensive set of APIs with advanced front-end libraries
  • Developer kickstarter with code samples, implementation guides, and docs
  • No-code dashboard and visualization for business users

Optimize continuously

  • End-to-end applications of AI & ML with models trained on billions of data points
  • Real-time engagement data to personalize each experience
  • Business flexibility to fine-tune results

Deploy globally

  • 1.5+ trillion queries powered annually with <20 millisecond response time per query
  • 99.99% availability with 100% API uptime guarantee
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Algolia is fast to results in every industry

SaaS Application Search

Site Search

Digital Content Discovery

Enterprise & Workplace Search

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Algolia NeuralSearch FAQ

  • Algolia NeuralSearch offers several benefits. 

    • It offers better precision (accuracy) and recall (completeness) of each and every query, and it virtually eliminates null-results.
    • It helps optimize “long tail” queries to drive to a significant uplift in clicks, conversion rates, sales, and customer experience. 
    • It continuously and automatically adapts to changing trends — such as new queries and purchase trends — so you never miss an opportunity.
    • It reduces your team’s workload. Because NeuralSearch understands natural language, it eliminates the need to create relevance rules, synonyms, or stuff your site with more keywords. 
    • It provides a better end-user experience which drives more engagement, clicks, and conversions.
  • Both solutions use large language models (LLMs) to provide results, but they solve very different problems. 

    • ChatGPT is a generative model that predicts the next most likely word/s based on the input context and underlying training. 
    • Algolia NeuralSearch retrieves the best search results from your search index based on your clearly-defined business outcomes. 

    For example, in the context of ecommerce search, an AI chatbot can act like a virtual sales assistant to discuss what you’re looking for. With AI search, it’s as if the sales assistant is ranking the top items based on personalization, rules, merchandising, top performing results, past purchase or search history, or other factors you’ve identified as important. 

  • If you think your business might benefit from Algolia NeuralSearch, please get in touch with our team for a demo and/or evaluation.