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The Algolia experience at ultra large scale

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Your users deserve a seamless experience, whatever the scale of content this experience relies on

Algolia on Azure combines the power and scalability of Microsoft Azure’s highest performing Virtual Machines, the reliability of Microsoft Azure’s global infrastructure, and the unmatched speed of Algolia’s Search & Discovery engine so you can deliver your users the experience they expect.


Pioneering global marketplace connecting together 10M+ sellers and buyers across the world over dozens of millions of designer clothers, vintage items and pieces of arts.

Faris Aziz,Product Manager


We chose Algolia on Azure as it is the only Search & Discovery solution that is scalable and flexible enough to meet our constantly-changing business and customer needs. We know Algolia on Azure will seamlessly grow with us and our evergrowing community, while we focus on continually innovating our platform.

The perfect alliance for your users

  • Fast and relevant user experiences at Azure scale

    No compromise, no trade off. Algolia on Azure enables you to deliver the full Algolia experience to your users at unprecendented scales.

  • Serve your users all over the world

    Algolia on Azure is available across eligible Microsoft Azure’s 54 worldwide regions, so you can inspire your users wherever they are.

  • Unprecedented control for your Business

    From analytics to experiments to merchandising and personalization, Algolia on Azure comes with Algolia’s extensive suite of business tools to control and optimize the user experience.

  • Managed by Algolia

    Focus on building the best experience and optimizing the relevance to serve your business and your audience. From scaling to backups to security, Algolia takes care of the rest.

Secure and reliable

Zero downtime migration from Algolia infrastructure to Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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