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The fastest ecommerce experience

A computer window containing the React.js logo on the left-hand side, and a graph with 3 bars in increasing order, the tallest of which has the algolia logo on it.

Performance improved

Benefiting from React 18 and our newest React InstantSearch hooks library, the performance of Algolia search & browse in Hydrogen is significantly improved compared to the current theme injected UI available in the integration.

Two superposed computer windows. The one in the foreground has the Algolia logo and a search experience, and the one in the background is faded, and has the Hydrogen logo with an ecommerce experience.

Business advantages

Shopify hydrogen doesn’t come with an out-of-box search page and predictive search component. There are also no out-of-box facets/filters components available in the collection page. The clients need to build the search page, the predictive search component and to optimise the collection page by themselves with GraphQL which can be quite difficult. Our React InstantSearch Hooks, autocomplete and insights libraries can make the development much easier. Our search experience is richer and our performance is much better compared to the GraphQL based Shopify API.

Computer window with the numbers 1, 2, 3 in a white frame in sequential order, on an Algolia themed (purple) background.


Implementation effort is minimum since we have built a demo store with hydrogen. Only Shopify integration set-up and some configuration change in the demo store will be needed for clients to benefit from Hydrogen X Algolia. Clients can then customise with our instant search and autocomplete best practices. The time-to-market can be significantly reduced with Algolia.

A computer window with a search experience, and a side menu with sliders and filters.


Clients can benefit from our easy-to-use UI libraries for quick UI customization. No liquid or GraphQL competences will be needed compared to Hydrogen Shopify API. The customization is standard and well documented. Clients can also benefit from advanced features like Query Suggestion, Personalization, Dynamic widgets…. using our latest UI libraries. This is not the case for  theme injected UI. 

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