Thriving on retail chaos? Time to focus on what you can control

30 November, 11:00-12:30 CET 
[Virtual Panel]

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Once upon a time, digital was the only disruptor...

Now, in 2022, online retail has been hailed as the recent saviour for retail businesses across the globe, keeping them afloat throughout the pandemic. But online & physical retail at scale adds complexity, so how do retailers navigate this transformation whilst industry disruptors, as well as the storms of economic and social change, continue to bring chaos to retail?

This session will take the form of a discussion about Chaos and Control, between those tasked with navigating the line between online privacy, Omnichannel engagement, conversion rates and online investment vs in-store. In short - the motherload.

Our panelists will chat about some of the following key issues:

  • In the swirling world of demand creation what should you really focus on trying to control?
  • How are you readying for a potential downturn? What spend should you keep v give up?
  • What are the best KPI’s to use in measuring the success of your omnichannel offering? 
  • As Apple raises privacy as a key USP how should we best use this to our advantage when engaging customers?

Meet the Panelists!

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Tomas A. Krag

Group CTO, D2C, & Digital Transformation, Hilding Anders

Tomas is an experienced digital strategist and omnichannel e-commerce specialist. Bringing a deep technical understanding, he is an excellent communicator who bridges the gap between business and technology and is at his best when communicating complex ideas to a non-technical audience.Over the past 5 years, he has focused on using headless and MACH technologies to enable omnichannel e-commerce with such brands as Bang & Olufsen and Hilding Anders International.

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Gordon Robinson

Head of Digital Product, American Golf

For more than 15 years, Gordon has worked for ecommerce retailers such as Boots, Aldi and Next driving business and technology transformation with a customer-centric mindset.  Now Head of Digital Product at American Golf, he is working on reducing his golf handicap and supporting Europe's largest golf retailer's customers to reduce theirs.

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Ben Bulpett

Global Field and Partner Marketing Director, Algolia

Ben is the Algolia Global Field and Partner Marketing Director; he supports the local Algolia sales teams and partners in articulating Algolia’s strategy and how the adoption of a MACH based architecture can help customers transform their ecommerce platform.  He also works closely with product management and across the business inputting in future product direction and customer support.

With over 30 years’ experience in the software industry; where he has led teams, in the development and implementation of complex IT Security solutions in areas such as; Access Management, Inflight Entertainment, Data Governance and Database etc across multiple verticals.