Algolia on AWS

AI search delivered at reliable scale

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Algolia on AWS

Deliver users the experience they expect

Algolia on AWS uses the AWS network's global reach and speed, along with cloud resilience, to offer fast, reliable AI Search and an exceptional user experience.

Streamline billing integration

Use your existing AWS billing account to get a single, consolidated bill. Access Algolia through AWS Marketplace and draw against your AWS Enterprise Agreement seamlessly.

Optimize costs

With AWS Marketplace, customers can save resources by monitoring all IT spend and managing software license entitlements in one place.

The perfect alliance for your users

Blazing-fast and relevant search experiences on AWS

No compromise, no trade off. Algolia on AWS enables you to deliver the best search experience to your users at unprecedented scale.

Serve your users all over the world

Algolia on AWS is available across worldwide regions, so you can inspire your users wherever they are by providing relevant search results in milliseconds.

Unprecedented control for your business

Algolia on AWS provides a comprehensive suite of business tools for control and optimization, from analytics and A/B testing to merchandising and personalization, giving you everything you need to enhance your user experience.

Managed by Algolia

Concentrate on delivering top-tier user experiences and fine-tuning relevance to meet the needs of your business and audience. Algolia handles everything else—from scaling and backups to security—so you can focus on what matters most.

Secure and reliable

Zero downtime migration from Algolia infrastructure to AWS infrastructure.



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