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Accurate and reliable search functionality for SaaS apps and sites.

More than 17,000 customers in 150+ countries trust Algolia

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Algolia helps us not worry about Search in terms of technical debt and performance. We’re actively working on how we can use Algolia more in our application because it has proven to be very reliable, very fast, and easy to work with.

Ryan Kahn

Engineering Manager @ Amplitude
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Show users what they’re looking for

AI search

AI Search

Show your customers exactly what they need with industry-leading AI Search that understands buyer intent.

  • Deliver relevant results for all queries, even those in the ‘long tail’

  • Automate category reporting & ranking with Query Categorization

  • Display best-sellers automatically with Dynamic Re-ranking 

  • Make everything searchable — from product variants to support and customer service pages

AI Recommend

AI Recommend

Expand product discovery and grow cart sizes with AI Recommend, which is proven to increase AOV for search & browse experiences.

  • Maximize cart size with predictive models including “related products” and “frequent combinations”

  • Add personalized recommendations almost anywhere, e.g. on homepage, product landing pages or shopping carts

  • Add value with image-based recommendations to help buyers find even more



Unlock business growth with actionable insights.

  • Say ‘no’ to spreadsheet chaos with unified analytics. Track which search terms are driving the most revenue, fix the ones showing no results, evaluate category performance, plan for seasonal success with historic events insights – and double down on your data driven strategy.

  • Monitor your key indicators from searches to click rate to conversion. Visualize changes over time and understand your best performing products and content at-a-glance.

Help buyers easily find everything they need and more, with AI search

Easy to use

Implement our APIs in minutes and gain easy control over rankings.


Search as quick as you type, with the fastest enterprise AI search we know of


Work with a partner who handles billions of records and nearly 1.7 Trillion searches a year with 99.999% availability

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