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Get inspired by 200+ customer examples and take your search and discovery experience to the next level.

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Algolia logo blueprint

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We got you covered!

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Algolia + Zendesk

Algolia for Zendesk

Create Help Center content discovery experiences that delight your customers with the official Zendesk Guide and Zendesk Guide Enterprise search solution

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Instant answers

Increase ticket deflection and improve customer experience with an advanced search experience for your Zendesk Help Center that instantly connects customers with the content needed to answer their questions.


Federated search

Break down content silos and empower your customers to find answers across all of your content.

Real time search

Direct customers to the right content with results that update with each keystroke, regardless of typos.

Analytics & Insights

Understand what drives your customers search requests, and prioritize new Help Center content based on zero result search queries.


Our code is open-source. Fork it, make it your own and design the experience that best fits your brand.

They’re using Algolia and Zendesk together

These companies transformed their help centers into instant knowledge bases.

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    our application in your Zendesk account, and we’ll start indexing right away!

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    Copy and paste our template

    into your Help Center pages to enable advanced search for your users.

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