Algolia’s social impact

When founding Algolia, we wanted to make sure that we shared the same values, and that we envisioned how we would work with each other and future team members in line with those values. We wanted to become a culture-first company and make culture the driver of our growth.

One of the values that drives us is Care. We care about what we do each day, we care about our impact on our customers’ success, we care about our impact on people’s lives, and we care about our impact on the society.

We have been fortunate to build an incredibly fast-growing business, and we consider it our responsibility to give back to the communities who made it possible, and to the society of which we are part. We are proud of the Algolians who suggested and implemented many of the initiatives described on this page. To them, and to all of you who contribute, thank you!

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Giving back

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  • Donations and community giving

    Through our charitable matching program, Algolia matches any donation an employee makes that is aligned with our core values.

  • Employee referral program

    Referral bonus is donated to the referring employee’s non-profit organization of choice.

  • Global Giving Days

    As we pledge 1% of our employee time, we hold one day each quarter for Algolians to participate in our planned charitable activities or on their own with a charity of their choice. 

  • Mentorship

    We are partnering with local organizations to give back through community service and mentorship programs, such as Konexio.

  • Founders Pledge

    Through this unique program, Algolia’s founders, Julien and Nicolas, pledged to donate a portion of their personal proceeds, upon liquidity, to charity.

Environment and sustainability

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  • Carbon neutral pledge

    Via Pachama, we committed to measuring our CO2 emissions, reducing them through planting trees, and offsetting any remaining emissions by buying carbon credit certificates that reduce or recapture an equivalent volume of CO2.

  • Conference Swag

    Supporting the environment is important to Algolia and want to be mindful of the impact of swag production on our carbon footprint. We commit to providing our conference visitors the option of our swag or a $10 donation to a charity of their choice.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Fighting racial injustice

    We take a stand against racial injustice, and continue to work on building a healthy, diverse, and inclusive team through education and awareness.

  • Recruiting

    Our recruiting team is intentional about building diverse teams across all of our offices. To provide a fair and consistent interview process for all candidates, all interviewers go through unconscious bias training.

Free search for non-profit organizations

  • Helping open source and non-profit projects

    Qualifying open source and non-profit projects can use Algolia at a discount or for free.

  • Free product plan for COVID-19-related projects

    Algolia offers a free product plan to any developer or team working on COVID-19-related, not-for-profit websites or apps.

  • DocSearch: always free

    DocSearch, our completely free search experience for any software documentation, supports some of the world’s most popular software projects.