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Compare the tactical differences between Algolia and Coveo to see which approach is best for meeting your needs.

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Coveo is a public company that started as an enterprise search provider with pre-built integrations to various knowledge solutions. Coveo is significantly more expensive as they primarily target enterprise customers. Algolia is a platform that’s geared towards developers to build fast and scalable enterprise solutions.

API-first end to end AI Search & Discovery platform; personalization both by segment and 1:1

Transparent pricing with pay-as-you-go and enterprise

17,000+ customers supporting over 1.5 trillion searches a year - rare 99.999% availability SLA with customers WW

Originally built only as an internal Enterprise search solution

No pay-as-you go solution, complex enterprise deployment

650+ SaaS customers


The Algolia AI Search engine was built from the ground up to process and combine both AI and keyword search in parallel for unparalleled relevance at any scale.

AI-native AI Search with end-to-end AI processing with both keywords and vectors ensuring the most relevant results at scale

AI Search

Reinforcement learning with dynamic re-ranking to optimize results and ROI in real time

AI-powered query categorization, recommendations, and personalization boosted by industry’s only AI powered automatic query categorization

AI models for re-ranking and re-tuning results based on different “signals”

Additional machine learning capabilities such as Query Suggestions (autocomplete) and Recommendations


Algolia offers a composable end to end AI Search & Discovery platform built with an API-first approach so it can be connected with any environment easily and managed without additional cost and complexity. Coveo, on the other hand, pushes to be a service provider for implementation that may take upwards of a full year.

API-first to work in any environment, different-use cases — much more configurable

Built for speed and scale with results optimized for each customer - sub 20ms on any query, even with catalogs of 90 Million + SKUs

Allows for multiple indexes which can be searched (federated) at once

Designed for both business and technical users

Pre-built, packaged connectors to Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Adobe, and other for indexing and federated search — they connect with other platforms but they’re not indexed all the same

Good enterprise search capabilities for pre-packaged connectors

REST API for indexing and querying an index; limited availability for different language APIs


Algolia is the top-ranked search solution on G2 and has been recognized many times on the Forbes Cloud 100 as a leader in search.

Global leader in search for many different use cases including ecommerce with industry’s most powerful indexing engine - peak period support of 98,780+ queries per second

Ability to search unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data

Support for voice search, image search

Querying/Indexing is better or worse depending on the source / connectors being used

Support for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data

Standard search features


Coveo have added a layer of AI personalization on top of search and are trying to cross-sell Qubit (merchandising platform they acquired) . At Algolia, personalization is core to the business and available across search, browsing, and recommendations.

Yes, with real-time data for 1:1 personalization across single or multiple sessions - for anonymous and known users

Transparent algorithm with easy-to-customize results using no-code dashboard

Use real-time and historic data to create similarity models to predict user affinities to deliver intelligent recommendations

Journey orchestration to design when and where personalized content appears

Requires technical resources to personalize strategies


On G2, customers have consistently rated Algolia as having an easier set up, better ease of use, and easier admin than Coveo.

Business-friendly dashboard that provides transparency and tools for business users

Analytics that include null results, poor results, usage analytics, search behavior, and other metrics

Requires technical resources to configure and adjust search strategies

Usage analytics to identify gaps and improve relevancy

More complex solution may require additional support

Search that understands

More than 17,000 customers in 150+ countries selected Algolia to grow customer satisfaction and sales. Because when your customers feel understood, they click and they come back.

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The Times
Algolia is a breeze to work with. With Algolia, our editorial team has seen significant productivity improvements when building the daily online edition of The Times and weekly edition of The Sunday Times, with search being 300-500 times faster than our prior solution.

Matt Taylor

Editorial Product Manager @ The Times
Algolia is very fast — able to keep up with our level of traffic… The API and SDK options are really great, and the ability to handle traffic at scale (we have a high volume)

Matt Goorley

Engineering Manager @ LTK
[Algolia] was very professional from the start. We had a great Customer Success Manager and team that provided a lot of help and was a great partner.

Clint Fischerström

Head of Ecommerce @ Swedol
I think we’ve grown leaps and bounds with Algolia. There's a lot of features that we still can tap into, which is great because I feel like we've gotten a ton out of it already.

Geoff Lyman

Digital Experience Solutions Manager @ Hershey's
Shoe Carnival
Instead of having to go into the back end and the catalog—which would have been a technical headache—we were able to figure it out in a matter of a day, test it, and ‘boom’ it’s live.

Courtney Grisham

Director of E-Commerce @ Shoe Carnival

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