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Build a delightful recommend experience in any tech stack, for any screen.

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Recommend API

What is Algolia Recommend

An API that enables you to show relevant recommendations with no background in machine-learning. 

Building & adding recommendations is a three step process and Algolia provides developer tools for all three. Capture user analytics via events APIretrieve recommendations via API and then display them via frontend libraries (react / vanilla).

APIs for developers, ROI for the business


Start with pre-built libraries for Algolia Recommend (react and vanilla JS). They work perfectly with instantsearch.js libraries.


Send events via Insights API or utilize Segment / Google Tag Manager connectors to automate the events pipeline.

Advanced features

Use recommend models like frequently bought together, related products/content, trending items/facets, or a mix of those.

Analyze & Optimize

Refine your recommendations by utilizing facet filters, fallback recommendations or rules.

Algolia Libraries and Integrations

Algolia Events with GTM and Segment

Start Exploring Events

User interactions like click and conversion events is how you automatically make your search better. Start exploring them now to get started with recommendations, personalization, AB Testing and more.