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Search API

What is Search API

A search API is way to build search without worrying about infrastructure. 

Building search via an API is a  three step process. Index your data, configure search relevance and build your UI. 

Algolia provides developer tools for all three steps. Index via client libraries, configure relevance in dashboard and build UI using JS libraries.

APIs for developers, ROI for the business


Startup with pre-built libraries for instantsearch.js, autocomplete.js or recommend.js - or find a mix that works with your frontend.


Use client libraries & integrations for all major tech-stacks with reindexing, batching and retry built in.

Advanced features

Start sending events for AI based features like Dynamic re-ranking, Recommend, Personalization and more. 

Analyze & Optimize

Analyze & optimize search behavior, run AB test on results and create rules - from a dashboard or an API.

Algolia Libraries and Integrations

Algolia Events with GTM and Segment

Continuous search improvement

User interactions like click and conversion events is how you automatically make your search better. You can send them via integrations like Google tag manager or Segment, or good old APIs.