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A set of UI components that help developers design the perfect Search & Discovery experience for your business, for any device.

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Built to unleash the full potential of Algolia’s search infrastructure.

InstantSearch takes advantage of the unique capabilities of Algolia’s Search API to deliver best in class experiences.

  • Search as you type

    Instantly magnify relevant content to your users from the first keystroke, thanks to Algolia speed.

  • Filters and Facets

    Enable discovery with powerful filtering functionality and pre-built faceting widgets.

  • Sorting

    Let your users take control of the result list.

  • Pagination

    Help your users seamlessly navigate through the results.

  • And more

    InstantSearch provides UX elements for the vast majority of search and discovery use cases.

E-commerce site filters: price range, color of product, user ratings

Enhance your UX

Improve your user experience across all platforms

InstantSearch packages best practices and proven design principles in customizable components, so you can add Search & Discovery to all your user interfaces in order to enhance user experiences on any device or platform.

Built for developers

We offer InstantSearch libraries for numerous of the most used frameworks. Each library respects the specific concepts, coding patterns and UX/UI best practices of its framework, so developers can quickly build a state of the art Search & Discovery experience leveraging their existing expertise.

InstantSearch Vue logo: triskelion shape with green top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+Vue.js logo


for Vue

InstantSearch JS logo: triskelion shape with yellow top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+Javascript logo


for Javascript

InstantSearch Angular logo: triskelion shape with red top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+Angular.js logo


for Angular

InstantSearch iOS logo: triskelion shape with black top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+Apple logo



InstantSearch React logo: triskelion shape with blue top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+React.js logo


for React & React Native

InstantSearch Android logo: triskelion shape with green top circle, bottom left cercle in dashes.+Android logo


for Android

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