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The world’s leading brands rely on Algolia and Adobe Commerce

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Drive revenue on top of Adobe Commerce with better search

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Improve your online experience
and boost conversions and engagement

Adobe Commerce (Magento) search navigation

Shoppers need instant rewarding experiences

Algolia connects with your Adobe Commerce store product catalog and categories, to provide an instant search and frictionless navigation experience.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) search

Give your shoppers access to your entire catalog right away

Provide them with relevant Adobe Commerce search results. Improve your overall Adobe Commerce experience through autocomplete and instant search results page.

Adobe Experience Manager

How to connect to Adobe Experience Manager

Federate your commerce from Adobe Commerce and content from AEM to create rich, engaging experiences that lead to higher conversions, built on AEM.

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Tailor and adapt your online search to
your Adobe Commerce store’s logic

Configure your Adobe Commerce store to your needs

Compatibility with B2B modules

Manage your different customer groups from the Algolia extension and ensure they have access to the right data.

Adapt to your customer base

Implement a multi-language search to speak your users’ language and make sure they get engaged with your store.

Scale with a reliable solution

Always-on syncing

Make sure that your new products are immediately available in your Adobe Commerce search and never deceive shoppers with out of stock products.

Benefit from a business scalable solution

Take no risk and choose a search that grows with your Adobe Commerce store. Algolia serves 120B+ search queries per month with a 99.999% SLA.

Improved store performance

Up-to-date data at all time thanks to Algolia’s indexing queue management. Easily set it up through Algolia’s extension.

Jack Tire

Algolia allowed us to transform the traditional Magento search experience into a highly engaging and easy to use experience, with rapid results.

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Rely on a trusted solution

17K+ customers already rely on Algolia. Our presence in 100+ data centers on 6 continents is unmatched. We serve 150B+ search queries per month. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll make your search ultrafast and reliable.

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