Instant search for Netlify apps

Automatically index your Netlify apps using the Algolia Crawler to deliver a great user experience.

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With the Algolia Plugin, there’s nothing to maintain. Each Netlify deploy triggers a crawl and updates an Algolia search index.

  1. Fully generate your website statically

  2. Look for HTML files

  3. Find the relevant information inside each file

  4. Structure your JSON records

  5. Push them to Algolia

Building block similar to a lego

Install Algolia plugin. That's it.

Why you should use Algolia search

Algolia empowers teams to surface the latest and most relevant content to drive user satisfaction.

Build unique experiences

Algolia’s flexible APIs and UI toolkits provides teams with the resources necessary to build the experience best suited for your needs.

Retain your users

Help your users find exactly what they’re looking for whenever, wherever and however they want through a unified experience across devices.

Increase your revenue

Get insights on how users interact with your website or app, launch A/B tests and analytics via APIs or a user-friendly dashboard.

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Read the documentation

A quick start guide with screenshots and info on the front-end bundle.

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Plugin on Github

Prefer to look at the source code, here is a link to the Github repository.

We solve for front-end, back-end, and speed.

Speed & automation

Lightning-fast search and automation means you never have to re-index your website. You always have the flexibility to fine-tune the index.

Flexible UI bundle

The front-end bundle works out of the box with the records Algolia extracts from your site. You can still build your custom user interface if you prefer.

Quick setup & installation

Install the plugin in a single click, select the intended Netlify app, and the Algolia crawler automatically takes care of the indexing.

Install the plugin

Developers everywhere rely on Algolia


Resources to get started

  • Livecoding session

    Searching on the Jamstack is much easier with the Algolia for Netlify plugin. Add search to your Netlify app in 3 clicks.

  • Article

    Learn the behind-the-scenes of how Algolia created its Netlify build plugin.

  • Quickstart for using Algolia on Netlify

    Create an instant search on your site using Netlify, Algolia, and this plugin.