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Algolia’s enterprise search connects your customers to the right content, and your employees to the right information.

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An enterprise site search solution for customers and employees alike.

1.7+ Trillion

searches every year


uptime SLA available


ROI according to Forrester Research


customers across 150+ countries

A powerful hosted enterprise search engine

Build a leading digital Search and Discovery experience quickly, with fewer IT resources, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Personalize customer experiences, while optimizing to meet your business goals.

Give internal enterprise teams the power to customize search experiences for users.

APIs, front-end libraries, integrations, dashboard

Empower your teams to build, configure, and customize search and discovery applications for any use case or industry, with advanced digital experience features.

Powerful enterprise search functionality right out of the box.

Go live fast

No need to build an internal search team and expertise. Leverage our algorithms, integrations, UI libraries and scalability.

Pricing specifically designed for high-volumes and enterprise-level usage.

Enterprise pricing

Enterprise search software doesn't mean high costs. Pay as you scale. Volume & committed-use discounts available.

Company intranet search & knowledge management re-imagined

Increase workplace efficiency and employee productivity by managing your internal corporate content with modern, flexible site search experiences. Guide your workforce to the right organizational knowledge across systems.

Indexing without limits

Aggregate and intelligently display organized information, agnostic of your back-end systems.

Customization and flexible integrations

Integrate custom-made search-as-service functionalities across third-party applications.

Connect back office systems

Add corporate search (and recommendations!) to your content management systems (CMS), ERP, CRM, and other business platforms and processes. 

Maximize employee productivity with leading workplace search and discovery

Internal knowledge management and workplace search capabilities for employees.

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to make impactful changes easily, without developers or IT.

Our Merchandising Studio allow you to easily merchandize and manage content in real time.

Our data sources enable robust analytics, easy monitoring, testing, and optimization.

We have APIs in eleven programming languages for any tech stack, pre-built UI libraries, and platform integrations.

Track and optimize search performance, user experience, and key business metrics

Leverage the power of analytics, business insights, and machine learning without hiring ML or artificial intelligence engineers.

Data collection made simple with API connectors.

Data collection connectors

Easily collect data via API and Google Tag Manager or Segment integrations.

AI-powered search experiences for enterprise.

Natural language understanding

AI-powered enterprise search relevance, personalization, recommendations, synonyms and more.

User-friendly enterprise search UI.

Actionable user interface

User-friendly dashboard and API control for reporting, workplace search, UX management, configuration and A/B testing.

All the power of AI-driven search functionality without the costs of building internal teams.

Artificial intelligence at your fingertips

No need for internal AI and machine learning search teams. Get leading expertise without costly investment.



10,000+ servers globally



SLA over 99.999% for enterprise customers



Globally fast, with 100+ data centers on 6 continents



SSO, SAML, SOC2, SOC3 & ISO27001 compliant

The most advanced companies use Algolia

The Times
Algolia is a breeze to work with. Tearing out the old back-end system and replacing it with a prototype took just a few days. We played around with ranking and faceting to get what we needed. Journalists were able to surface their writing 300 - 500 times faster than our prior solution.

Matt Taylor

Editorial Product Manager @ The Times
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Algolia is the heart of WeWork’s inventory search navigation system... Rather than us trying to maintain our own back-end API, it does exactly what we want to do and it’s doing a great job. It’s an index in the cloud that’s distributed efficiently… It’s just a cool feature, there’s no way around it.

Fernando Padilla

Software Engineer @ WeWork

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