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Estée Lauder

Harness AI to energize prestige shopping across channels

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High-touch search and discovery

Heightens engagement and loyalty to drive sales

Anticipate aspirations and desires

Prestige beauty shoppers deserve AI-powered care

Algolia NeuralSearch harnesses AI to determine a customer’s underlying intent, instantly delivering the most relevant results and making them feel understood — no matter how specific or vague the query.

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Digital tools to enhance the human experience

Leverage customer data across Estée Lauder’s 600+ channels

Algolia indexing and retrieval capabilities let you capture data from multiple sources — heritage and designer brand sites or tools like Virtual Try-On and iMatch™ — to power personalized experiences across all Estée Lauder channels. 

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Drive repeat purchases with personalizarion

Make 1-to-1 your specialty for high-touch beauty ecommerce

Fuel every digital interaction with targeted search, browse,  and recommendations tailored to each shopper’s preferences. Categorizing customers into distinct segments — age, skin type, hair — creates results-generating personalization.


Milliseconds matter

Speed affects the purchasing decisions of almost 70% of shoppers. Instant, relevant search is essential to drive conversion. Today, Clinique's load time is 283ms for results and MAC’s is 224ms. Switching to NeuralSearch gets you sub-50ms results at scale. Reduce pivot time and improve page performance and session duration to increase sales.

Grow your omnichannel presence with a luxury touch

Providing the smooth journey your customers expect across mobile, website and in-store will keep them coming back to you.

Eliminate customer-journey friction

With collected customer data, analytics and the power of Algolia’s real-time indexing, you can create synchronized multichannel experiences, smoothly executed with the Algolia Merchandising Studio.

Personalized services mean business

AOV increases when customers can get advice, make appointments or choose services. Estée Lauder can highlight these options alongside products in a single experience with federated search.

Best-in-class BOPIS

Real-time catalog updates across all brands, stores, websites, and mobile apps lets customers order online and pick up items in-store. Minimize disappointment and instill trust by burying out-of-stock items.

Build better search to accelerate business initiatives


Reliability and speed to scale

Algolia powers 100K queries per second and 1.5 trillion searches per year globally — second only to Google. Our SLA uptime is 99.999%, plus a market-leading response time. With 70+ data centers across 17 regions, your customer’s search will be ultrafast wherever they are.


Fast, reliable search means better business

Search users convert at a higher rate than non–search users. Algolia AI search accelerates performance and lowers shopping-cart abandonment and null results – keeping them on site through to conversion. 

reduce workload
Fewer manual tasks, more automation

Dramatically reduce workload

Algolia NeuralSearch automates language rules, synonyms, complex ranking criteria, query categorization, and more. Estée Lauder can leverage AI when needed, using granular control and customizable tooling that lets your team focus on innovating.

Drupal x Algolia

Leveraging headless for easy integration

Integrating Algolia into your systems like Drupal is quick and painless — AI can pull data from wherever it lives. Immediate process harmonization means quick time-to-value, a meaningful shift to headless operations, and enhanced search and discovery

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