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Personalized and customer-centric

Leading Adobe B2B retailers use rich content — landing pages, dynamic banners, and contextualized promotions — to create seamless digital experiences that rival B2C. Power this experience with Algolia NeuralSearch to provide personalization and recommendations based on previous orders, location, customer-specific pricing, and more.


Improve customer satisfaction

Frictionless ecommerce

Empower buyers to easily and instantly find precisely what they need. Provide all relevant material in one self-serve search experience that surfaces everything from products to case studies and even FAQ. Free your sales team to work on more-strategic deals for cross- and upsell opportunities.

The only search provider with seamless

Adobe Commerce, AEM, and Launch integrations

  • Lift your conversion on Adobe Commerce or AEM

    Optimize search results by harnessing AI to analyze customer data; improve relevance when buyers search by part number or SKU

  • Leverage data and insights

    Use AEP to contextualize the search experience and Adobe Analytics to inform content ranking

Breville uses Algolia to improve the search and merchandising experience on AEM

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Under Armour

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