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Algolia + Strapi

Add Algolia Search to Strapi applications with an extensible plugin architecture and Algolia's hosted APIs. Build world-class search and discovery experiences on top of your headless application using Algolia’s front end libraries.

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    Sign-up for Algolia

    Get started today by signing up for a free-tier account today!

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    Install the Strapi Search Plugin

    Index your content using the community-built Strapi Search plugin and Algolia search provider – aka the Mattie Bundle (named for Strapi Community Star Mattias van den Belt).

    The bundle includes a Quick Start guide with step-by-step instructions to quickly get your site up and running.

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    Add Search to your Front End

    With Strapi automatically indexing content on the back end, add search to your front end application using the Algolia InstantSearch or Autocomplete libraries.