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Algolia x Shopify Integration

Provide a fast, efficient and personalized search experience for your customers; drive engagement and accelerate conversions

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Convert every visitor with AI search


Drive revenue with AI power plus human expertise

Algolia’s superior AI capabilities lets you build discovery experiences that evolve with user behavior – constantly refining relevance in real-time. Incorporate a best-in-class search experience by leveraging natural-language understanding, query categorization, dynamic re-ranking, AI synonyms, personalization, and more. 

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Stay in control of merchandising and revenue

Our intuitive Merchandising Studio puts the power in your hands, so you can effortlessly curate exceptional shopping experiences without technical support. Revenue Analytics lets you track how your merchandising decisions affect your bottom line, giving you the insight and control to maximize growth.


Speed and flexibility to achieve your goals

Algolia delivers rapid implementation, giving you tools to measure the impact of our advanced search solution on your business. You have the flexibility to pay-as-you-go or commit to an annual plan for long-term cost savings – it’s your choice.

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Turbocharge your Shopify store with fast and reliable search

Unparalleled speed

Sub-50ms response times mean a better UX. We know that milliseconds matter.

Our Merchandising Studio adapts to you

Save time and simplify with our fully equipped, customizable user suite for merchandising, rules, analytics, campaigns and more.

Full-stack AI is seamless

True typo-tolerance and semantic understanding produces the most relevant, hassle-free results for every query.

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