Algolia Ambassador Program

Love Algolia?

If you're a developer and you love Algolia, you can become an Ambassador. Whether you're a content producer, a social media diehard, a conference speaker, or an event organizer, you can join our program!

Algolia ambassador program logo

This program is for you if

  • You're passionate about Algolia

  • You are active in the developer community 

  • Want to be our advocate on social media, Hacker News, Stack Overflow...

  • Like to speak about or organize events about search, Algolia, and our ecosystem

What’s in it for you

  • Dedicated Ambassador swag

  • Algolia credits for building projects and demos

  • Public recognition on our social media

  • Membership in our Ambassador Slack channel

  • Access to Algolia engineers for product ideation/feedback

  • Ambassadors Meet and Greet with Algolians

Interested? Apply to the program!