Make your website as good as your best sales rep

By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will take place in digital channels according to Gartner's Future of Sales 2025 report "Deliver the Digital Options B2B Buyers Demand".

search is the best investment

17000+ companies chose Algolia to build best-in-class sales experiences

Damstahl metrics

Damstahl sees a 60% faster order processing with Algolia AI Search.

ManoMano metrics

ManoMano sees a 20% conversion increase across multiple markets.

Staples metrics

Staples sees a double-digit conversion increase using Algolia AI and Dynamic Re-Ranking for 200,000 SKUs.

Search that makes B2B online sales rival in-person

Handle complexity at scale

Leverage account history for flexible personalization regardless of scale, business type, or transaction volume.

Deliver a real-time connected B2B experience

Bridge your ecommerce platform, email recommendations, text-based nudges, and POS system for a seamless and convenient buying experience.

Start with the best product and user data

Out-of-the-box recommendations and category level analysis serve relevant results to customers.

Instant Search itself is so fast and quick, there are other sales tools we’ve been discussing building out and utilizing Algolia Search to help our customers find.

Theresa Kuske

Digital marketing director Ergodyne
Hager Group
The customer experience Algolia Search delivers is really very high and we wanted to have that kind of experience on our websites.

Benjamin Guerry

Digital business solution jeader Hager Group
We’ve been able to become more data-driven. Before we didn’t have any data, just complaints to work from. Now we can use the data from Algolia to really focus on the right KPIs.

Jeroen Heydendael

Director of customer experience Plieger
I love Algolia AI tools because I don’t need a team of people to constantly tweak search.

Jeff Serota

Senior director of product management @ Staples Canada

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