Ecommerce Site Search Trends Report 2024

Algolia surveyed 1,100 retailers on the biggest challenges and opportunities around AI search that are revolutionizing online retailing. Discover the latest trends and gain data-driven insights for your own online store.

What 1,100 retailers in key markets told us


agree AI is critical to driving relevant and accurate search results


use search and discovery technology to reach revenue goals


believe that personalization continues to be an integral part of ecommerce strategy


use a mix of manual and AI-driven merchandising processes

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Payment options

Demands for more payment options and seamless online experiences

50% of our survey respondents indicate a demand for more payment options as the biggest trend they expect to see in the coming year. As customers increasingly look for greater convenience and different ways to shop, B2C retailers are employing innovative AI-based tools to guide and shape the online journey.

search personalization

Personalization that grows revenue

B2C retailers are seeing a growing, direct correlation between improved revenue and powerful on-site search and discovery capabilities. A healthy investment in search along with personalization looks set to be a large part of ecommerce strategy in 2024.

ai merchandising

AI-powered merchandising

B2C online retailers are keenly aware that merchandising lies at the crossroads of product, customer, and technology choices. During this year, they are incorporating AI technologies to build real-time merchandising strategies for maximum conversion and customer satisfaction.

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