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Increase membership and drive sales across channels and categories 


Personalization boosts loyalty

Leading multichannel retailers build loyalty by leveraging customer data. Fueling the shopping experience with personalized search, browse and recommendations will encourage customers to join My Best Buy and spend more across categories. 

Search results

Fast, accurate, relevant results

Algolia NeuralSearch uses AI to identify underlying intent and instantly produce the most relevant results for every shopper – no matter how specific or generic their query. Build an exceptional digital experience that keeps customers coming back.


Superpower Best Buy’s conversational AI

NeuralSearch uses the same large language models as OpenAI and Bard to identify each shopper’s intent. Enhance innovations by increasing the answer rate of virtual agents, simplifying complex interactions like tech support, and harnessing key customer insights.


Milliseconds matter to shoppers

Amazon cites that 100ms in latency costs them 1% in sales. Instant, relevant search is essential to drive customer loyalty and conversion. Today, Best Buy’s search experience takes 100 - 200ms for results to load. Switching to Algolia’s AI-powered NeuralSearch gets you sub-50ms results at scale.

Federated search

Searchable products, services, and content

A Federated search experience blends products, content, and human-powered services. Shoppers can find blog posts and YouTube videos alongside My Best Buy, Best Buy Health, Geek Squad, and Haul Away– with a single search.

Seamless, superior multichannel experiences

Eliminate shopping-journey friction

With collected customer data from three billion Best Buy interactions and the power of Algolia’s real-time indexing, you can create synchronized, continuous multichannel experiences, smoothly executed with the Algolia Merchandising Studio.

Best-in-class BOPIS

With real-time catalog updates across Best Buy stores, website and mobile app, customers can order online and collect with confidence. Bury out-of-stock items to avoid disappointment and build trust with accurate listings. 

Energize your digital transformation 

Reduce workload

Fewer manual tasks, more automation

Algolia NeuralSearch dramatically reduces your workload. It automates language rules, synonyms, complex ranking criteria, query categorization, and more. Best Buy can leverage AI utilziing granular control and customizable tooling and transparency. 


Accelerate Best Buy Health

Integrating Algolia into your existing systems will help your customers find all the unique services Best Buy has to offer. Products, core programs and growing initiatives like Best Buy Health can easily be found by shoppers visiting the site.


Better search accelerates growth

Search users convert at a higher rate. AI search capabilities increase performance while lowering shopping-cart abandonment and null results. Enhancing the search experience supports revenue-generating initiatives like Best Buy Health, Best Buy Ads, and Marketplace.

Improve efficiency

Reduce costs, improve efficiency

Implementing a composable tech stack frees up time and costs. Liberate your team from tech that requires high levels of resources to innovate. Algolia easily integrates with fast ROI, so you can focus on strategic goals.

How Walgreens saw 16-week time-to-value and ROI

We work with Best Buy Canada

We’ve outperformed Best Buy Canada’s incumbent search solution. After launching in only three months, Algolia AI Search has been a huge success and will run during the critical Black Friday period as a result of proven revenue growth.

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