Thriving on retail chaos? Time to focus on what you can control

27 Sept - 9:00am EDT |  28 Sept - 9:00am BST 

Once upon a time, digital was the only disruptor...

Now, in 2022, online retail has been hailed as the recent saviour for retail businesses across the globe, keeping them afloat throughout the pandemic. But online & physical retail at scale adds complexity, so how do retailers navigate this transformation whilst industry disruptors, as well as the storms of economic and social change, continue to bring chaos to retail?

In our new panel series, “The Beating Heart of Retail”, we're bringing the views of those doing the job to the forefront. Our first panel will focus on the steps retail can take to build greater customer engagement whilst this storm rages from supply chain upwards, and in doing so to regain control over both customer engagement and revenue growth. Our speakers and participants will be retailers, those at the front-line serving and selling to customers across all of the channels.

The panelists will cover:

  • Customer engagement - How can you put the joy back into shopping?
  • The data challenge - Where does discovery sit in your customer’s shopping journey?
  • Live Q&A - Your questions answered!


Stay tuned... Panelists will be announced soon!