When “free” comes with hidden costs - take a hard pass on that

Instead of open source headaches, get the speed you need at the scale that your business demands.

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Dodge hidden costs

Reduced capacity to innovate

Endless maintenance

Slower time to value

Wasted developer resources

Free up dev resources, power innovation

4k stores in 4 weeks

Faster time to value

Build great online experiences, fast.

700 locations and 2.5m queries

Empower the business

With transparent ranking and user friendly AI capabilities, enable your business-side user to act independently.

86% increase productivity with Algolia

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Get wow factor out of the box. Save dev resources with lower maintenance.

Tech leaders

Build what matters and cut waste

After deploying Algolia, there’s less reliance on developer intervention to do everything that the business wants to do, and what the business is actually capable of doing is way beyond what they thought was possible in the old world.

Tovi Heilbronn

Director of digital product and experience @ Harry Rosen
Our teams don't have to worry about these operational aspects; instead they can focus on innovating and building new experiences for our sports fans and partners.

Matthias Spycher

Chief architect @ Fanatics
[Algolia] allowed us to build a website without having to build a backend with a specific database. We can just throw stuff into the index and it works.

Fernando Padilla

Software engineer @ WeWork

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