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Member satisfaction is your business

Your members have high expectations for a seamless, personalized shopping experience. Make sure they feel like you know them by fueling every digital interaction with personalized search, browse, and recommendations.

Search results

Fast, accurate, and relevant results

Algolia NeuralSearch uses AI to identify underlying intent and instantly produce the most relevant results for every member – no matter how specific or generic their query. Build an exceptional user experience that keeps members coming back.


Milliseconds matter to members

Instant, relevant search is essential to drive member loyalty and conversion. Today, Costco’s search experience takes 200–500ms for results to load. Switching to Algolia’s AI-powered NeuralSearch gets you sub-50ms results at scale – speed and accuracy can boost member engagement. 


Real-time product updates enhance trust

Members looking online before visiting a Costco warehouse will only see what’s there. Minimize disappointment and instill trust by burying out-of-stock items. 

Seamless omnichannel shopping

Stay consistent online and in-warehouse

Create a harmonious omnichannel experience by bringing Travel, Costco Next, Same Day, 2-Day Delivery, Grocery and In-Warehouse lookup into a single experience with federated search.

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Smart merchandising, successful ecommerce

Eliminate customer-journey friction

Unite your collected customer data and analytics with the power of Algolia’s real-time indexing. Create synchronized, continuous multichannel experiences, smoothly executed with the Algolia Merchandising Studio.

Customizable merchandising dashboard

Your team can easily view and edit on the dashboard, from one-off changes to strategic modifications. They can test algorithms, sort search results and turn on AI capabilities like dynamic re-ranking. 

Fewer clicks, better results

Costco can leverage a blend of AI and full merchandising control to improve the member experience, offering high relevance and consistency. Fewer clicks can boost member satisfaction and repeat purchases. 

A fast, reliable, scalable platform


Leveraging headless for easy integration

Integrating Algolia into your systems like Microsoft Azure and Contentstack is quick and painless. Algolia is an API-based platform – it works with data from any layer in a tech stack. Immediate tech harmonization means quick time-to-value with enhanced search and discovery. 

fewer manual tasks

Reliability and speed during peak traffic

Algolia powers 1.5 trillion searches per year – second only to Google. That’s 100k queries per second with SLA uptime of 99.999%.

fewer manual tasks

Dramatically reduce workload

Algolia AI Search automates language rules, synonyms, complex ranking criteria, query categorization, and more. Costco can leverage AI when needed, using granular control and customizable tooling and transparency that lets your team focus on business goals. 

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