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Como a Petlove usa o Algolia Search para manter os pets do Brasil felizes e saudáveis

22 September | 1:00pm Brasília

Junte-se a nós com o Head of Product da Petlove, Virgilio Spena, e o Gerente de Produtos do Grupo, Stefano Balian, para discutir por que eles implementaram a Algolia para impulsionar a experiência de busca da Petlove, e como a busca ajuda a impulsionar a liderança da empresa no segundo maior mercado de animais de estimação do mundo.



How the Thermomix® uses Algolia to serve chefs the right recipes

26 October | 1:00pm CEST

Join us as digital expert Onorina Del Buono, Digital Product Quality Manager for Thermomix® at Vorwerk, discusses the innovative way she and her team use Algolia Search to serve the right recipes to chefs and cooks around the world.

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“This is also why all our attention was turning to Algolia, because we had some feedback that it was very efficient and very fast. So I think that's the main reason [we chose Algolia] and the most important one.”

Pascal Sardella - Digital Platforms Administrator, TAG Heuer