For Metro60, grocery delivery in minutes starts with search in milliseconds

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They’ve done the maths: you'll be saving 3,120 minutes a year if you're using Metro60 once a week. (That's like 60 seasons of your favourite TV show!) But before Metro60 can fulfill their time-saving promise of groceries delivered in under 60 minutes, customers must first fill their mobile shopping cart by searching and browsing over 4,000 items and weekly specials. And to power the seamless search experience, Metro60 chose Algolia.


Join us as digital expert Venky Kumar, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Metro60, shares key insights on the importance of the search experience for any business, why he chose Algolia to power the new mobile app, and his future plans for the user experience.

Venky will chat about…

  • The key role search and discovery plays in digital experiences
  • How they implemented Algolia to power the 60-minute grocery delivery app
  • Key successes and plans for the future
  • and a live Q&A!

Meet the Digital Expert

Venky Kumar Headshot

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Venky Kumar

Venky is a passionate product & technology leader with focus on solving problems and operate with a beginner's mindset. Prior to his current role at Metro60, Venky has led and contributed to digital transformation efforts at Woolwerths, Endeavour Group, and Amazon, where he served as the Head of Search Experience.