How the Thermomix® uses Algolia to serve chefs the right recipes

This webinar has now ended. You can view the recording here!

As the company behind the Thermomix® - the all-in-one kitchen appliance that was purchased every 23 seconds in the year 2020 - Vorwerk knows a thing or two about innovation. 

So when they needed a search partner to power the official Thermomix® recipe platform on both their website and on the individual appliances themselves, they came to Algolia.

During this webinar, digital expert Onorina Del Buono, Digital Product Quality Manager for Thermomix® at Vorwerk, discusses the innovative way she and her team use Algolia Search to serve the right recipes to chefs and cooks around the world.

Onorina will chat about...

  • Why search is a key component of the growth of the Thermomix® recipe platform
  • How they implemented Algolia in hundreds of thousands of kitchens across the globe 
  • The technical challenges faced and how they solved them
  • and a live Q&A!

Meet the Digital Expert


Digital Product Quality Manager for Thermomix®

Onorina Del Buono

Onorina brings years of experience in software and system quality assurance, requirement and test engineering and management, and more to her role at Vorwerk, where she plays a key role in the success and growth of Cookidoo - the official Thermomix® recipe platform.