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eBook: How 3 media players use search to increase content consumption

How superior search functionality can help you stand out in a crowded landscape

The streaming video marketplace is evolving fast. The success of those platforms not only depends on the richness of their content offering but more importantly on the ability to find it easily and quickly.

Best media sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu offer a visual, fluid and immersive content discovery experience. Users find what they are looking for, it is personalized and relevant. Search technology is an important piece of their strategy to stay competitive, keep users engaged, reduce bounce rates and retain them as customers.

In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • Critical elements of modern search and discovery, including relevance, speed, dynamic content promotion
  • How companies like Twitch, iflix, and FranceTV are providing top-flight search and discovery experiences
  • How search technology helps boost conversions, customer experience, and ROI
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