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Booth #5 | B2B Online - nhow Hotel, Berlin | Dec 5-6

Trusted by 1600+ distributors and manufacturers

Algolia’s search platform drives higher conversions, larger order volume, and repeat customers.

Visit Algolia in Booth #5 at B2B Online Europe and we'll show you how to match B2C buying expectations in a B2B environment.

Algolia’s end-to-end AI search platform makes it easy to manage complex product catalogs (with no-code merchandising solutions!) while providing a seamless digital shopping experience for your customers.

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Learn how leading B2B companies are using the search bar to elevate their e-commerce businesses and increase revenue.

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or reseller, schedule some time with our experts onsite at B2B Online to discover easy and actionable paths to build or scale enterprise-wide digital commerce.

After implementing Algolia, Swedol saw 26% more time spent on-site, a 22% higher conversion rate, and a 7.5% increase in searches.


Don’t miss our speaking session!

Catch RAJA's Director of Digital & ecommerce, Antonie Laffond, speaking about their success with Algolia's seamless and personalized B2B search experience.

Mastering the Channel

A seamless and personalized search experience for B2B (Track B)

December 5 | 2:30-2:50 PM CEST