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Booth #4146 | NRF 2024, NYC | Jan 14-16


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  • 64labs + Algolia Accelerator

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  • Personalization of the Future

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  • Merchandising of the Future

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  • Zenni Story

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Trusted by 1600+ distributors and manufacturers, Algolia’s search platform drives higher conversions, larger order volume, and repeat customers.

Visit Algolia in Booth 100 at B2B Online Florida and we'll show you how to match B2C buying expectations in a B2B environment.

Algolia’s end-to-end AI search platform makes it easy to manage complex product catalogs (with no-code merchandising solutions!) while providing a seamless digital shopping experience for your customers.

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Learn how leading B2B companies are using the search bar to elevate their e-commerce businesses and increase revenue.

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or reseller, schedule some time with our experts onsite at B2B Online to discover easy and actionable paths to build or scale enterprise-wide digital commerce. 

After implementing Algolia, Swedol saw 26% more time spent on-site, a 22% higher conversion rate, and a 7.5% increase in searches.


Don’t miss our speaking session!

Catch Algolia’s B2B Practice Leader, Jack Moberger, during his session about innovation through digital transformation.

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Topic: Mastering the Channel Shift: Unpacking the CX Behind Excellent Online Buying Experiences (Track B)

October 16 | 2:35-2:55 PM EST

Looking to scale your online revenue? Join us as we dive into the findings of proprietary new research, highlighting the key priorities and biggest challenges facing B2B e-commerce manufacturers and distributors today. We'll explore the preferences of digital buyers, showcasing real-life examples of what they love and loathe when navigating B2B ecommerce portals. Discover the customer experience (CX) best practices that drive sales and learn how to leverage them to maximize your online revenue growth.