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True AI search

True AI search for increased conversions

Algolia is the only company that uses Al end-to-end natively — from query processing to accessing, retrieval, ranking results and corrections. Grasp intent for any query, from specific keywords to free-form language, returning the most relevant results for more conversions and more time-on-site. 


The milliseconds matter

Speed affects the purchasing decisions of almost 70% of shoppers. Instant, relevant search is essential to drive conversion. Today, Farfetch's load time is 247ms for results. Switching to NeuralSearch gets you sub-50ms results at scale. Reduce pivot time and improve page performance and session duration to increase sales.


Make personalization your specialty for high-touch e-commerce

Fuel every digital interaction with targeted search, browse, and recommendations tailored to each shopper’s preferences. AI empowers seamless, connected, luxury journeys to boost conversion and drive repeat purchases. 

Merchandising strategies that drive business goals

The perfect blend of human and AI merchandising

Our merchandising solution will let you leverage AI with full control and transparency. Ensuring 24x7 optimization allows your merchandisers to spend more time on strategy.

Customizable merchandising dashboard

Whether your merch team wants to modify the ranking strategy, sort search results, test algorithms, or restrict the number of recalled products, they can easily view and edit on our merchandising dashboard.

Respond to trends fast

Algolia AI Search lets you configure product selection to capture trends and support marketing efforts. For example, drive campaign traffic to a page showcasing a specific designer.

Supercharge internal initiatives and boost innovation


Freedom from TCO — save time and money

Algolia’s neural hashes are faster and more powerful than vectors alone. Reduce infrastructure requirements by 90% and enable search at scale with no hidden costs, like hosting and maintenance. 


Fewer manual tasks, increased innovation

Algolia AI Search automates language rules, complex ranking criteria, and more. Farfetch can leverage AI for monitoring and maintenance, leaving time to build new customer pathways and growth initiatives.


Switch with speed to headless

Integrating Algolia into your systems, like Microsoft Azure, is quick and painless — AI can pull data from wherever it lives. Immediate tech and process harmonization means quick time-to-value with enhanced search and discovery.

Everlane’s saw -45% no-result rate with AI Search

Dream big, instill loyalty

Luxury e-commerce thrives on creative strategy and customer trust. Algolia AI solutions promise backend stability to support growth during times of change.

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