Search as you think: The future of digital innovation for Algolia customers

December 6  |  2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

This event has now concluded. Stay tuned for the recording!

Imagine a true hybrid semantic search experience… One that anticipates users’ needs and allows them to search as they think. Can you envision it? We can, too. And we’re enabling organizations to build it.

You're invited to attend an exclusive virtual fireside chat with Algolia visionaries as they share the vision behind hybrid search and the future of search and discovery with you - our customers - in mind.

During the discussion, members of our Executive Leadership Team will talk about: 

  • The Future state of Search and Discovery
  • How our recent acquisition of will enable your long-tail query strategy
  • What you can do to be ready now to take advantage of this revolution in technology

You'll hear from...

Jim Headshot

Chief Customer Officer

Jim Schattin

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Michelle Headshot

Chief Revenue Officer

Michelle Adams

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Bharat Headshot

Chief Product Officer

Bharat Guruprakash

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Hamish Headshot

Vice President, Artificial Intelligence

Hamish Ogilvy

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