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Free trial terms of service

You can try out all of Algolia's features for free using our 14-day trial period.

14 Days Trial Terms and Conditions

Algolia will provide Subscriber with an access to the Premium Plan to use up to 500 Units (the “Plan”) for free of charge for a 14 days trial period (the “Evaluation Period”).

If Subscriber’s usage reaches 500 Units during the Evaluation Period, Algolia will suspend Services until Subscriber contacts Algolia through the dashboard (email also acceptable) to sign up for a plan that accommodates Subscriber’s needs.

The Premium Plan is subject to (i) an average 10 kilobyte per record size limit with a maximum size per record limit of 100 kilobyte, and (ii) a maximum data size of 100 gigabytes per application. Subscriber may use up to 10 applications under the Plan. If Subscriber exceeds the limit on record size and data size per application, Algolia may either degrade or suspend Services until Subscriber adjusts usage to fit Plan limits.

General Terms and Conditions

As set forth in the Terms of Service, Algolia will make the Services available to Subscriber on a trial basis free of charge until the earlier of (a) the end of the Evaluation Period, (b) the start of any paid subscription for such Services, or (c) termination by Algolia at its sole discretion. If, at the end of the Evaluation Period, Subscriber does not sign up for a paid subscription of the Services, the agreement will automatically terminate unless Algolia agrees, in its sole discretion, to extend the Evaluation Period.

Free Trial of Crawler

Subscriber may use the Crawler Service only to extract data from the Subscriber Domains to create searchable entries in indices, and Subscriber will obtain and maintain any required consents necessary to use the Crawler with the Subscriber Domains. The Crawler is provided "as is" and "as available" and is not covered by the SLA. Subscriber is responsible for any incurred costs, including infrastructure costs, associated with crawling the Subscriber Domains. Subscriber will have access to the crawler console, through which Subscriber may administer the Crawler. Data extracted from the Subscriber Domains by the Crawler is Subscriber Data. In addition to any Plan limits, the Crawler is subject to technical limits available in the documentation, which may vary from time to time.

Automated Personalization

Upon Subscriber’s instructions and/or configurations and submission of its end users’ actions to Algolia through Algolia’s Insights API, the Automated Personalization service allows Subscriber to collect information about its end users’ activities and use such information to personalize search results. Subscriber may configure how Algolia interprets these actions through the Algolia dashboard. Automated Personalization permits Subscriber to send up to ten (10) million actions per day to Algolia’s Insights API and make up to five (5) changes to its personalization configuration per day. Subscriber will have access to the profiling information it collects on its end users from Algolia and may use such end user information in accordance with its agreement with such end users and to the full extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Data from the Automated Personalization feature is hosted in the location setting selected by Subscriber via the Services (which shall be the same location selected for analytics).