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What you need to know about GSA replacement

Support for Google Search Appliance is coming to an end. If you haven't yet started on your migration project away from GSA, learn what factors to consider for your next search solution.

Migrate from GSA to Algolia

Data storage

It's key to determine how and where you want your data stored - while some providers offer an on-premise model similar to GSA, many businesses are switching to the cloud for mobility and lower infrastructure costs.

Flexibility vs. Time

Selecting a new search solution requires certain trade offs around key product functionality and deployment requirements. How closely does the intersection align with your internal use case? Algolia uniquely combines high customization capabilities and fast implementation.


For the optimal search experience, speed is critical for immediately finding relevant information. That means minimizing any lag between the moment you search and when results are returned.

Search model

Crawlers and APIs are two search models that are popular for businesses migrating away from GSA. Crawlers automatically index your site’s content while APIs equip teams with a complete toolkit to build bespoke search solutions tailored to your business priorities.

Algolia offers both a hosted search API that lets users
upload their data to be index, and a custom crawler that automatically
extracts content from websites and makes it searchable.

3 reasons why Algolia custom crawler can help

    Save time and resources

    Algolia custom crawler removes the need for building data pipelines and complex internal project management, saving time and resources.


    The crawler is customized to make sure it accurately interprets your content. It allows your users to search and navigate news articles, job posts, FAQs, financial reports, or any other type of content your website offers.


    Using Google Analytics or any data of your choice, Algolia Custom Crawler enriches the content it extracts from your website to enhance the experience. From using your visitor behaviors and page performance to adjust the search rankings, to attaching categories to your content to power advanced navigation, the possibilities are endless.

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Search was a forgotten piece of our ecosystem, so when we were ready to invest in it, we wanted to make sure we did that the right way.

Mrinal Murari

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