Legacy Search Rebate Program

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What’s the Legacy Search Rebate Program?

Raise conversion rates

Financial Help

If you’re unhappy with your current search provider but under contract, you don’t have to wait to modernize your search experience. Algolia’s Legacy Search Rebate Program offers financial support to assist in your migration efforts.

Upgrade from your legacy search provider

  • Any of these:

    Bloomreach, Constructor, Coveo, Searchspring, Reflektion, Fast Simon, Attraqt, Nosto, FACT-Finder, Klevu, Unbxd, Findologic, Lucidworks  

  • A different provider?

    If you’re subscribed to a legacy search provider not listed here, let’s chat about how our Legacy Search Rebate Program could work for you

  • Existing Algolia customer?

    Contact your Algolia customer success manager to learn more

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Customer Success Stories

Gareth Cotiss,E-commerce Development Manager


The big advantage of Algolia is with a simple implementation of simple data we’ve been able to get very good results. Dynamic Re-Ranking has been a big part of that. We A/B tested it in the first couple weeks of launch and saw positive results. Really that has been a massive benefit for us. It saves a load of time that we don’t have to manually add rules, while providing a positive customer experience.

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Julien Nouet,Global User Experience Manager


Algolia is a critical part of the navigation experience on Lacoste platforms globally. Not only does it provide the stellar user experience Lacoste is known for, but it more than doubled our global sales.

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Romain Huet,Developer Relations Lead


Algolia’s analytics provide Stripe with insights that help us continually improve our developer experience and provide users with fast and relevant answers.

Nicolas Chikhani,VP of Product Management

Weight Watcher

Search is a core experience for the new WW. Not many search engines allow you to refresh the entire results set after every single keystroke like Algolia.

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