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The fastest and most relevant search for Magento stores.

Delight customers with search that helps them find your best products.

Upgrade the search in your Magento store in minutes

Easily integrate instant search in your store with our plugin

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Trusted by leading Magento Stores

Sell more in your store with a fast an relevant search

Instant search for Magento

Instant Search Result Page

Offer your customers immediate access the search results page.


Autocomplete Search Results

Product and category searches update in real time as users start typing.

autocomplete for Magento
mobile search

Relevant Search on Mobile

Offer your customers immediate access the search results page


Users find the products they’re looking for faster, increasing sales.

Intuitively Relevant

Prioritize your most popular items right from the dashboard.


Optimize listings in your store with insights into what your users are searching for.


Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.

Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.

Average order value

Compared to former search solution.

The most reliable platform for building Consumer-Grade Search

Algolia provides product teams with the resources & tools they need to create fast, relevant search.

Trusted by 3000+ companies

All the features you need, out of the box

Built for developers
Unparalleled speed
Typo tolerance
Seamless indexing
Intuitive ranking
Smart highlighting
Instant faceting
Comprehensive analytics
99.99% SLA
First-class security
Geo-search capabilities

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“ In the past 7 years, I haven't seen another Magento search extension / platform come close to Algolia from a performance, functionality and price perspective.“

Kieran SmithSolutions Architect at Balance Internet

“After trying several solutions, we found Algolia. Algolia is lightning fast and gives the most relevant search results! Algolia already created open-source implementations which are easy to install, configure and customize.“

Roy DuineveldFull-Stack Developer at JustBetter

“We recommend Algolia search to our clients because we know it helps them increase usability and conversion rates on their webshops.“

Ole HeintzCEO at Convert Group

Algolia: Search-as-a-Service

Join 3000+ customers powering their search experience.

Founded in 2012, Algolia’s aim is to make searching on a website or a mobile app as fast and effective as possible. To this end, Algolia provides developers with an easily-integrated search API offering an intuitive “as-you-type” design that refreshes search results in real time (less than 10ms in average). Ultimately, this enhanced search experience provides an overall boost to user engagement on online and mobile services. With offices in San Francisco and Paris, Algolia currently has clients in 100 countries. The company’s recent funding round secured over $53M, primarily from growth equity firm Accel Partners. To find out more about Algolia, visit our website:

Fully Customizable

Algolia for Magento is built for developers to be open source and fully customizable.

algolia easy setup

Easy Setup – Algolia is easy to setup and install directly from your Magento admin panel. Customize search appearance and settings to get the most out of your search.

algolia instantsearch

Customizable Search Results – Easily refine search results to show users your most relevant products. Prioritize featured items or best sellers so that they show up first.

algolia products

Catalog exploration – Offer end users immediate access to all your products, whatever the number of categories or attributes. Search and refine everything instantly.

algolia indexing

Seamless Indexing – Automatically index your catalog so that your latest products are always searchable

algolia dashboard

Comprehensive Analytics – Use Algolia Dashboard to get valuable insights into what users are searching for.

Developer Friendly

Implement our plugin with just a few lines of code in order to build custom faceted search experiences, incorporate business metrics in your search results and even customize the data pushed to Algolia.

  • Smart queueing system
  • Detailed logging
  • Large set of custom backend events
  • Easy to override front end templates
  • Simple front end modifications with instantsearch.js and autocomplete.js
code developer friendly extension

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