Data-driven digital acceleration for better D2C and B2B customer experiences, true operational insights and meaningful ROI

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Simplify global ordering, catalog management and invoicing 

Right product

The right product to the right business customer at the right price

Personalized search will only surface products that your buyer has access to at a customer-specific price. Geo-personalization tailors catalogs to each buyer’s market, identifying their existing distribution networks for a location-specific experience. Flexible EDIs create smooth, accurate digital transactions every time.

Real-time results

Real-time product and inventory updates

Algolia’s industry-leading indexing delivers sub-20ms responses on 1.5 trillion queries/year — and this keeps Nestlé agile. Business customers can easily access catalogs, product pages, how-to videos, FAQs and more with federated search. Real-time inventory updates let you respond instantly to market demands.

B2B Buyers

B2B buyers can search any way, anytime

Whatever the query — part number, SKU, product name, description, category, unit of measure or other attribute — AI-powered search guides business customers to the right product with ease and speed. Combine results from all your data sources in a single search experience — from product results to case studies, FAQs and more.


Dramatically increase your ROI

Algolia’s NeuralSearch gives Nestlé insights into popular products and search trends. Leverage AI features to cross and upsell with predictive models. Tailor results based on user behavior, driving product discovery and rediscovery. 

Strengthen D2C connections for Nestlé’s brands

True AI search for increased conversions

Drive loyalty and revenue with superior relevance, engagement and outcomes using Algolia's cutting-edge AI search suite. This includes categorization, dynamic reranking and synonyms to enhance the Nestlé customer experience.

Milliseconds matters

Speed affects the purchasing decisions of almost 70% of shoppers. Instant, relevant search is essential to drive conversion. Today, Nestle's load time is 800ms for results. Switching to Algolia's AI-powered search gets you sub-50ms results at scale. Reduce pivot time and improve page performance and session duration to increase sales. 

Federated search

Make all products, recipes and content searchable

Federated search lets shoppers reach all your brands, products, recipes, videos, events, games and other content with a single query, by searching multiple data sources at once. Unify search and discovery for Nestlé’s 1 million+ global daily transactions, 2000+ websites and 70+ recipes.

Speed, agility and reliability for a superior user experience

Reduce workload

Fewer manual tasks, more automation

Algolia NeuralSearch dramatically reduces your workload with language rules, synonyms, complex ranking criteria, query categorization, and more. Nestlé can leverage AI for granular control and customizable tooling and transparency.


Reduce costs, improve efficiency

Implementing a composable tech stack frees up time and costs. Liberate your team from tech that requires high levels of resources to innovate. Algolia easily integrates with any technology — like Adobe, Drupal and SAP — bringing fast ROI so you can focus on strategic goals.


Reliability and speed to scale

Algolia powers 100K queries per second and 1.7 trillion searches per year globally — second only to Google. The SLA uptime is 99.999%, plus a market-leading response time. With 70+ data centers across 17 regions, each customer’s search will be ultrafast, wherever they are.

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