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Frasers Group


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Frasers Group
We tested Algolia NeuralSearch with two of our brands, and were thrilled to see our existing search implementation seamlessly evolved to further improve our customers’ discovery journey and improve their experience—all without having to make any changes to a single line of code.

Kyle Sanders

Head of digital optimization @ Frasers Group

End-to-end AI Search is your game-changer

Query understanding
Query understanding

Need to understand the true intent behind a user's search query?

Out-of-the-box query understanding eliminates keyword tagging, synonym tables, and business rules. 

Reinforced Learning based on user feedback means continuous improvement in contextual understanding.


Need to strike the right balance between precision and recall?

Algolia's unique application of hashing technology retrieves vector information accurately and comprehensively in under 10 milliseconds - guaranteeing unmatched value at scale.


Need self-optimizing ranking without complex manual workarounds?

Algolia AI Search instantly delivers better results and eliminates the need to manually manage complex mathematical models by ranking merged keywords and vectors in a single index of AI-optimized results.

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Since we implemented Algolia NeuralSearch, the overall results have been amazing and have included a 9 percent increase in both clickthrough and conversion rates. We’re also finding our merchandisers are spending less time on manual tasks such as creating synonyms to optimize search results, and more time on more strategic work.

Rachel Maxwell

Digital merchandising manager @ Everlane